Soon your internet history may be public

New government legislation ushers in an era of internet surveillance which will impact individuals and organisations


Goodbye Lhasa

Despite the public image it presents, the Chinese government is slowly but surely overwhelming Tibet’s spiritual culture with a policy of targeted infrastructure development, and by marketing Tibet as a ‘theme park’ destination for tourists, who are pouring in


Crossing the border despite Trump

President-elect Donald Trump has promised to build a wall on the border with Mexico to keep out Central American migrants, but many are desperate enough to try anyway

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The world of online ads ‘The world of online ads’

This infographic, published in The Digital Economy Special Report, highlights the complex world of online advertising. The graphic shows search engine giant and internet behemoth Google is a dominant force in the online advertising market, accounting for one third of the total money spent on digital ads in 2016. Meanwhile, the data highlights forecast global net ad spending as well as search revenues. Scroll down to view the full infographic

Favourite fictional characters of all time ‘Favourite fictional characters of all time’

Infographic counting down the top 20 fictional characters of all time of all time as voted for by over 1000 of Raconteur's readers

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Searching for truth in the digital economy

Online blind spots are holding companies back in the new world of digital business. Truly to embrace the digital economy, organisations must unearth the hidden anomalies harming their online offerings


Technology to treat the NHS

Digital technology is transforming business and consumer behaviour, and will play a key role in tackling the crisis facing the National Health Service


Enabling growth with the power of identity

In an increasingly complex security and regulatory landscape, the ability to manage user access is allowing organisations to embrace the connected age without fear of data breach, says Jon Burghart, who leads the Europe, Middle East and Africa region for identity management firm SailPoint



Poles apart: the new face of British prejudice

As rising xenophobia in the UK targets Polish migrants, the first generation of Poles recalls a time when they were welcomed as refugees and workers


Trump: Putting Nato in the firing line

The US president-elect said during his campaign that he may no longer honour his country’s agreement to protect its allies in Europe


Ivory suppliers challenge global ban

Several Southern African countries want to be exempted from a 35-year old global ban on ivory trading, threatening a hard-won consensus on the trade in products from endangered animals


Refugees are victims of terror and violence, not perpetrators

Ralph Achenbach, country representative of the International Rescue Committee Germany, says that the rise of anti-migrant rhetoric is hindering efforts to resettle refugees


Globalisation not entirely to blame for wealth inequality

UN trade expert Mukhisa Kituyi says that wealth inequality and a stagnant middle class cannot be blamed exclusively on globalisation


Ivory suppliers challenge global ban

Several Southern African countries want to be exempted from a 35-year old global ban on ivory trading, threatening a hard-won consensus on the trade in products from endangered animals

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In the vanguard of a new internet revolution

A company that for years has been quietly running the UK’s internet infrastructure for domain names is now at the forefront of a new internet revolution, applying technology to tackle long-standing issues and exploring how emerging technologies can meet the challenges of tomorrow’s networked world


Infrastructure at the heart of the digital economy

Businesses are moving from office IT rooms to strategic data-centre hubs that connect them to the cloud and much more


Do we really need our own office or is there a smarter way of working?

A toxic cocktail of distractions, interruptions and noise mean workers need to flee to a sanctuary to turbo-boost productivity

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Delivering future public services

Public services are being transformed by digital technology, but much more can be done to fulfil the vast potential and create a connected, digitally enabled UK


Bringing diversity into boardrooms

The future chief executive should challenge boardrooms, bring about cultural change, break bad habits and put inclusivity at the top of the agenda


How tech is driving a smarter way of life

To reap the benefits of smart technology, the tech industry must win the trust of consumers who fear their privacy and data may be compromised

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